Practice Areas

Estate Planning

An Estate Plan is a gift to your family. I create personalized estate plans customized to ensure that your wishes for your loved ones, as well as your assets, are clearly communicated. It would be my pleasure to prepare this gift as you prepare for the future of your loved ones.


The loss of a loved one is incredibly difficult. Navigating the probate of a loved one’s estate can be an added stress when you are grieving such a loss. I would be honored to alleviate this burden and walk beside you through the probate process.


Adoption is a beautiful picture of unconditional love. However, the court process of adoption can be overwhelming. I would love to serve as your legal guide as you grow your family through adoption.


When a loved one has not prepared for incapacity in advance through the creation of an Estate Plan, a court-supervised guardianship becomes necessary. Should you find your loved one in this situation, it would be my privilege to assist you with petitioning a court to appoint a legal guardian to make decisions on behalf of your loved one.

LLC Formation

Creating an LLC to run a small business or to hold rental properties can help shield your personal assets from liability. I can guide you through the entity formation process and advise you on the fundamental procedures to follow to ensure you achieve maximum asset protection.

Oil & Gas Title

I have over a decade of experience in rendering all types of title opinions, conducting due diligence, and performing curative work. Should you need any of these services for lands situated in either Oklahoma or Ohio, I would be happy to assist you.